Make your QR codes better

Generate pretty QR codes with watermark, icon or other custom settings on iOS.

EFQRCode for iOS
iPhone App Mockup - EFQRCoder
App Screenshot - EFQRCoder



You can easily change the color of QR codes with custom color settings in EFQRCode.


With input watermark image, you can make your QR codes gorgeous.


It is very simple in EFQRCode to add your avatar or brand icon in the center of QR codes.


EFQRCode can even make animated QR codes using animated GIFs.

What People Say

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WWDC 17 & 18 Scholarship Recipient

EFQRCode is my go-to solution for QRCode generation: easy, fast, yet beautiful. Not to mention it’s open source.

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Author of Sepicat

EFQRCoder can help you customize your QR code quickly, everytime, everywhere. Amazing!

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Indie Developer

Beautiful design, concise, powerful, to meet the design needs of various types of QR codes.

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